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ecto 2.2.6

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Bloggen ohne ecto kann ich mir nicht mehr vorstellen. Adriaan legt nach 2.2.5 ein weiteres Bug-Fix-Release nach:

✓ Fixed an ugly bug that would overwrite the extended field with the contents of the summary. My sincere apologies.
✓ The primary category was not set properly after opening a saved draft or posted entry. Fixed.
✓ Fixed an issue where posting an entry with a single category set but without primary category information would make MovableType think there is no category.
✓ Fixed an issue where dates would be offset by a few minutes.
✓ Cosmetic fixes in table display.
✓ Updated localization.
✓ KNOWN ISSUE (if upgrading from pre-2.2.5): if the draft window's toolbar has no icons, select Window->Customize Toolbar... and drag the default set to the toolbar.

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