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Programmieren (mit Cocoa): Gesammeltes

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Die Apple CHUD Tools gibts mittlerweile in der Version 4.0b11 – wieder mit einer Menge Änderungen.

Ich hatte zwar schon mal einen Link zu Jon’s Little Page of AppleScripts, aber da in einem etwas anderen Zusammenhang. Hier nochmal als nette Quelle für allerlei AppleScript-Gedöns.

Eine andere Quelle in Sachen AppleScript ist The FooDoo Lounge.

AE Monitor allows Mac OS X developers to capture, analyze, and recreate Apple Events. Users can examine the internal workings of each event and create source code to replicate the event from their applications.

Im DrunkenBlog gab es von längerem ein Interview mit Rich Wareham, dem Programmierer vom Desktop Manager. Das Interview ist zwar elendig lang, aber sehr unterhaltsam und aufschlussreich. Zudem macht es mir persönlich Mut 😉

Introduction to Quartz 2D for QuickDraw Programmers by Scott Thompson -- Apple is moving from QuickDraw to Quartz for the handling of 2D graphics in Mac OS X. Scott Thompson introduces you to the concepts behind Quartz 2D, and explains how to make the transition from QuickDraw.

A gentle guide to DocBook. Ja. Genau. Notiz an mich: lesen, zumindest mal überfliegen!

Mal wieder ein Buch, was ich mir gut kaufen könnte (auch wenn es dann vermutlich nur neben Programming Cocoa for OS X verstaubt) wäre Pangea Software’s Ultimate Game Programming Guide for Mac OS X. In the US$39.95 book, which will start shipping at the end of October, Brian Greenstone--the developer of Nanosaur, Bugdom, Cro-Mag Rally, Enigmo, and Otto Matic--reveals his Mac programming secrets. The book covers all of the nuances dealing with various Mac OS technologies such as the HID Manager, OpenGL, OpenAL, Core Graphics, Rendezvous, Quicktime, and more. Readers will also learn how to write a plug-in for Maya, do stereo 3D rendering, networking, AltiVec optimizations, and how to copy-protect their games. [MacMinute]

Auch mal studierenswert: Clean up your Web pages with HTML TIDY bzw. die Fortsetzung HTML Tidy Project Page. [ When editing HTML it's easy to make mistakes. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a simple way to fix these mistakes automatically and tidy up sloppy editing into nicely layed out markup? Well now there is! Dave Raggett's HTML TIDY is a free utility for doing just that. It also works great on the atrociously hard to read markup generated by specialized HTML editors and conversion tools, and can help you identify where you need to pay further attention on making your pages more accessible to people with disabilities. ]

Accessorizer is an application and a set of Services which generates ObjC accessor declaration and implementation methods from variable declarations. Accessorizer can also convert Objective-C ivar declarations into Java accessors. Accessorizer offers a broad range of memory management schemes used by the best-known Cocoa/Objective-C experts. The readme includes links to important memory management articles and resources. Accessorizer saves you tons of time and helps eliminate mistakes - spend more time on the fun stuff of app development!

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