klein, praktisch, unverdaulich seit 2004


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[Eher für mich als Notiz:]

Jurtle is an integrated programming environment designed for people who want to learn programming in Java but may never have programmed before. It provides a simple yet powerful programming editor coupled with built-in facilities for compiling and running your programs. Unlike most other development environments, no complex configuration is needed in order to use Jurtle. Install it and immediately start running the examples and learning to write them yourself. It can be used by an individual to learn Java on their own, or in a classroom situation to teach java to a group.

Hört sich ja prinzipiell ganz nett an. Handelt sich bei der Software allerdings um SHAREWARE, Kostenpunkt US$ 23. Naja, Java in 21 Tagen (ohne das ich das jetzt kennen würde) kostet mehr, fast das doppelte.

Einfach mal im Hinterkopf behalten.

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